Vayomer Elohim (And God Spoke)

Art by Steffi Rubin

We don't care what so called "Holy Book" to which you refer, whether it is written in Sanskrit, Arabic or English, it doesn't have words that carry the meaning or weight of those pictured above.  Any other book might claim to have been dictated by an angel or reasoned out by human endeavor. However, only the Bible makes the claim of the above words... AND GOD (the infinite creator of the universe) SPOKE.  

AND GOD SPOKE and there was light.

AND GOD SPOKE and a boundary was established separating the sky from that which was below it.

AND GOD SPOKE and a boundary was established between the waters and dry ground and plant life was created.

AND GOD SPOKE and balls of light were created in the sky.

AND GOD SPOKE and birds and sea creatures were created according to their species.

AND GOD SPOKE and land animals in all their variety and man were created.  

SAD - It seems that when God speaks, all of creation listens and obeys for the exception of man!